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Looking at taking delivery of a C8 soon and would like feedback from those who have a C8 with the Z51 race package.

1. Has anyone with a C8 finished an ORR in the 140-165 brackets? Any issues?

2. Has anyone hot tracked their C8 on a closed track and had any engine/trans cooling issues running 1-2 days?

Yep, the Pantera is going to a new home very soon.

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I thought you Corvette C8 guys would be all over this but only crickets 😂😂

Nows looking at results at SS and I see the fastest C8 class was Gary Linsner with a 119 average so it all makes sense! 😴 😏

C8 has been out for all most 3 years. Looks like you guys with older Corvettes may need to take the keys away from these sloMo’s.

Kidding of course.

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