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If the Corvette devotees weren’t pissed off enough with the C8 production delivery has been delayed again to 2nd quarter 2020.

Here is the scoop as reported from a insider at Corvette....Seems the bean counters at GM/Corporate decided they could not afford titanium valves, improved  cooling etc, etc and all the modifications necessary to keep the production C8 under the $66+ k original base price.  

The Corvette development team lost the argument with the bean counters and early C8’s were overheating and grenading.

Also the Motorsports media were provided test mules for worked perfectly but were NOT raced. The test miles with modified cooling and blue printed C8’s will NEVER see show room floors. 😕

To add insult to injury......the new C8 which realistically won’t now be delivered until next fall 2020  will now have a 6-cyl engine.

Yea you read that right. It will NOT be the race proven Ford engine that ran and won Le Man, Sebring, Daytona, etc. but will be an under powered 330 Hp 6 hybrid.😳

I’ve talked to a few of my Vette buddies and they were shocked of course... enough so to make them abandon the bow tie for a blue oval (GT350 & Shelby 500)....very sad indeed. But good news for Ford who are developing an updated Pantera for 2021.

The GOOD news is the new C8&1/2 Will at least have a manual transmission. Too bad the 6-cyl engine is so under powered.

As many of you know my 72 Pantera C8 as well as all early Pantera’s had early delivery problems. Which would explain why Steve Waldman broke so many times at SS and the La Carrera in his Pantera 😂🤣

But seriously, The early Pre-L Ford powered Cleveland blocks in Pantera’s were NASCAR winning engines but broke repeatedly in the Panteras during competition.

The German ZF transaxle proved to be bullet proof but both engine cooling and solid rotor braking braking  were inadequate for competition.

Along comes “Holman & Moody” who quickly figured out the problem wasn’t the engines but the radiator was too damn wimpy. Like others I didn’t know until I Grenaded my Pantera myself at Laguna Seca. But before I ever got to subsequent open track and road races the Ford powered Pantera’s were kicking ass much to the shock of Corvette, Mopar etc.

Sad indeed to the Corvette faithful that after so much successful development from C5 to C7 such a travesty would be inflicted by GM on the Corvette faithful.

I will be asking for my deposit on the C8 I ordered 2 months ago.

See you all in Ely in May or September.

Happy New Year🥳




Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"


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