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Yo My Peeps,

I have a neighbor who has a C7 and wants to join us next year and he asked what motor oil recommendation you guys running in the 150-165 range. So please share your recommendation (s) and lessons learned on prep on cooling.

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In his service manual he should find a reference to how to configure his car for racing, which includes the use of 15-50 Synthetic oil, available at dealerships or over the counter.  If he's running a 2014 base motor with a 6-speed auto, I strongly recommend an oil cooler if he's running in classes above 130 mph.  If the trans gets too hot, it'll go into "limp" mode.  The 8-speed autos are stronger, I ran my 2017 GS at 150 in 6th/7th and it did fine.

If your friend is a Rookie, he doesn't have to worry about it, since he's limited to 124 mph.  Stock prep is fine.

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