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Bunny wanted me to relay a messege to all friends and racers:


"Please don't be sad." It must have been Merle's time. God has another plan for him.

He was so Happy to have spent the weekend with his kids. He was so excited to be Rick's

Navagator. So he was doing what he loved.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Love Bunny


There will be a Memorial some time in November. Announcment to be made at future date.

She is receiving emails at or will read this post.

May not answer right away.

And "Yes" Bunny, Kelly, Ridge, and Dick DeKneef got together in Ely today.


Connie Grey

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Bunny, Kelly, Ridge, and Dick,

We all felt sad at what happened on Sunday.  We are all "Brothers in

Arms" and when we loose one, we all feel the pain.  This a challenging

sport with high risks, but we love it.  We can all say, "But for the grace

of God" that could be me.  Our hearts are with you all, and Rick and

Merle will always live in our memories.

On the way home i had (as did Dabney) to reflect on Merle and Rick and i know that Merle retired from the prison because of the shortage of guards,so i feel he died the way he would like to instead of in a riot.We had many laughs about some of the stuff that some particapants would try and pull over on him and tech.i know that I looked forward to seeing him as well as looking at Ricks car[i got some good ideas for mine [even thou mines a ford]].I know i will miss them and it will be hard to fill the void.With deepest sorrow,Stan

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