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Hi All!
Well we did it. :cheers: We put "Texas Todd's" Blender record to shame. Last count; nine or ten BIG bottles of Jose, five bottles of Amaretto, one bottle of Rum. :alcoholic: We had BIG fun and Frank walked to his ground floor room under his own power. THANK you to all who helped with donations. The lefovers will be poured in Battle Mountain for round two. Big Grin

I now have a new nickname; TK2 (Tire Killer 2)
We lost the left front at 165-170 MPH after clearing a corner. It ripped out the engine wireing harness when it blew (quite violent this time)and we went dead stick in less than a second. The outer side wall just plain blew completly out, gone, nada. The rest of the tire wrapped around the A-ARM and went under the car. Kinda hard to explain but the car came to rest on the tire remnants that were stuck under the car which acted like a locked-up tire. The car was pulling very hard to the left because of the "skiding tire" stuck under the car and with a dead engine it was decelerating way to quickly. I stuck the clutch in and actually started to accelerate again and was able to get it in the middle of the road to scrub off the speed. After we got down to a slower speed I used the dead motor as a brake assist and we got started on our Summer tan. The cause of the blowout appears to be improperly installed valve stems. The two front stems (natch Mad )were not tightend correctly and the centrifical (sp)force cocked them over just enough to bleed off air pressure causing a overheating blowout. The right front is almost flat. So why did I not feel it? BFG KD's are VERY stiff in the sidewall and my whole run was just a few very short minutes long. From the first hint of something wrong to blowout was a matter of seconds.
Dammage report:Fender,Bumper cover, MSD box, wire loom. So far that is it, but I really have not had time to take a close look at the rest of the parts in that area. I have been advised by my Mouthpiece not to touch the car until the tire shop insurance company comes to look at the car. So it will be down for quite awhile and I most likely will sell it when it is repaired. Right now I feel like a cat on it's eighth life.
However, the "Team Blender" party at the Pony is on! :alcoholic: So be there or be sober!
See you all soon!
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AMAZING good fortunue you made it to the side of the road. I was the second car behind you and I remember there was definately more then just tire debris out there. I went over one big piece of what looked like plastic and heard it KA-CHUNG under the Pantera but was glad to see you guys waving....JUST GLAD youare both okay!
See ya in Battle Mountain!
Thanks for sharing, we all learn from this, it
is too bad it is all at your expense.
I ran into a similar loose stem situation 3 or so years ago on a Gold car I was the navigator in. We corrected the problem before a situation developed. On the Dark Red Ride I just ran I checked all 4 because the tire shop installed them late last week. Yea, I was hovering not much more than 3 feet away, but experience told me.......
I feel exceptionally bad for you because you changed your outlook in the interest of SMART but
then got bit again. It just didn't seem fair.
Also maybe put a drop of Loctite blue on the locknut... I just installed a Smartire system on the car, and it works pretty good (so far). Displays pressure and temp for all four tires, and it lets you preset alarm levels (high temp and low pressure). The alarm is a blinking red light and loud beeper. They say it will update every 10 seconds if there's a change.
Hi Tim,
Sorry to hear about your tire problem this year. I remeber last year too. Glad you were safe. Some fine driving by you again.
Rick and I couldn't be there this time, moved to AZ and getting settled, but thought about all of you. I am sorry I am missing "Blender Bitch" in action too. You guys are having way to much fun. Keep it up, as I am sure you will. Hope to see you in Sept.
Ok all, just back from the tire shop. Per Roger (Roger Kraus Racing) here is the info. he gave me.
Photo #5 will work just fine. Rolands will work just fine. The important thing is to make sure when tighened the base does not hit/rub the rim and that the needle valve(Schrader valve, sp?) is banded in red or white (high temp material) and everything is tight. They have gone so far as to machine the base for the proper fit. Shorter is better, less rotational force. Make sure they have a stepped rubber washer that fits the hole snugly. The ones that fit my R58 Factory Wheel are made by BBS @ $8.50 each. So the Mustang crowd can ask their favortie shop to get them. The ones that have nuts on the inside also have a tendancy to rip the bead if not watched closely when inflating/mounting, another reason not to use them. So thats it from me, hope that helps

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