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Can anyone confirm if there are still going to be award/banquets in both Vegas and Ely this year for both the NORC and SS?

I know in the past participants could cherry pick which one they would attend.

A couple of my peeps are coming from Illinois and Connecticut in Sept.

Mad Dawg Antenucci
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Hey thanks for being all over this….I am gonna find out in a NY minute in one week what it means to work and play again at the same time. LOL

Yes on Bunny….for SEPT SS you/we have our choice…..we can do it in Ely or Vegas. For sure I am headed back to Vegas since I have to tow the car back to LA or whatever secret vault she is at…would assume you would fly SPOKANE TO LA OR VEGAS RT.??

I can pick you up at either location….but HOLD OFF ON RESERVATIONS…..I have a problem we could not figure out with IR-EFI ….on the dead hole for last 18-24 d we thought the engine did not sound good when in fact we were only firing on 7 instead of 8

Randy is deep into the McClaren so he isn’t doing more on the Pantera.......he believe it is somewhere in the wiring but it is NOT in the injector as we replaced it……Randy even switched wires so its not coil so we know we are getting spark to that hole. He suspects either a bad cyl (which I can have someone here in town do a compression check on….or its one of the many pins/wires…he suspects it is UNLIKELY it is a bad cyl since I have completed TWO ORR’S, A TRACK EVENT and been driving all over the Southern coast here.

So will check with guy who knows engine here and tell him to at least do a compression check… think of anything else???

Otherwise soon as I have a rental house or shop in LA I wil tow down to give it to Richard to fix.

Dawg who may be driving a rental car at SS in Sept but really think it is something in wiring and not a internal engine issue…or at least that is what I am hoping. 😊

Might even fly Richard up here since I will be making the big $$$$ again.
But really not sure how long I will keep working after I complete start up…the crime and illegals is not something I want long term in LA…those days of NEEDING to work are way over….just want enough for a new engine and paint

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Well Dawg, you -do- know I have a shop here now at my place.  At least enough space to troubleshoot the Pantera and enough motivation to work on it if needed.  I may not be a Randy or a Richard, but I can turn wrenches and I do know electrical.  And I have the added advantage of having worked on the EFI recently to know how it goes together, and I have the necessary tools to work on the engine and the Pantera in general.

Fact is, if you left the Pantera and the trailer here, I can trailer it to Ely and you could trailer it home; that is wherever in or around LA that you can park a car anymore.  Hahahaha.

As for flying.... I'm not relishing getting back on a plane just yet.  Maybe by September, but I won't know for a while yet.

I can do dinner in either Ely or Las Vegas.  It all depends on how I want to get to and from the event.

Asa Jay

I like this idea. Problem is I am out of time to get truck, trailer and Pantera up to you.

Yea I will pay YOU for the work and any parts you need. So to get the rig UP to you you would have to fly down here.....i will oay for your airfare.

You could fly to Crescent City (closest) or Grants pass or Medford. And Mary can pick you up and then you can tow it up straight up to the I5 to your shop and yea I would pay you for that too. Keep your labor rate reasonable ahole😉

I had an email conversation with Bunny today. The awards banquet for September will be at Sam's Town.  I tried booking online but it would not acknowledge the code from the SSCC website.  I ended up calling Sam's Town directly 1-877-593-5993. I mentioned the "Silver State Classic Challenge" group rate and the reservation clerk was able to get the computer to acknowledge the lower room rate.  You have to talk to a reservation clerk and mention the discounted rate by name.  The person I worked with was easy to deal with and helpful.  Good luck.

I just talked to Rhonda at the reservations desk at Sam's Town and they are unable to make reservations for September yet.  She tried and it kicked her out then she looked something up and found the group code for Silver State Classic Challenge has not yet been applied for the September event. That's the story I was given.  She asked me to call back Tuesday and she would contact the office to figure out when it would be posted and if she could get me reservations.

Seems odd since the event is only four months at this point.

Asa  Jay

Still not reserved.

I have made my reservations for Sam's Town in September.  In on the 19th and out on the 20th.

They are not allowed to give the group code over the phone.  Just call and let them know you are part of the Silver State Classic Challenge (the group code is -different- from the name).  The room rate is awesome.

If Bunny wishes, she can post the actual code here which should then work to reserve online.  Otherwise, just give them a call and they will set you up.

Asa  Jay

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