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The 2021 Nevada Open Road Challenge is done and in the books.  I want to thank the Board of Directors, The event staff, the Tech crews and all of the volunteer course workers and ham radio operators that made it a rousing success. I also want to thank all my fellow racers and navigators that came out to participate and compete.  After a full year of no events and the shadow of COVID still hanging over daily life,  the challenges of putting on an event with so many moving pieces is daunting to say the least.  HOWEVER, the people who make this event happen pulled it off like there had been no lay-off whatsoever.  Everyone of you is amazing!  My wife and I are already doing the planning and logistics for the September race.  I am sure that once word gets out that the May race was such a success, even more racers will return and want to run in September.  So once again, thank you for a highly enjoyable event. Not only do you have my thanks, but also my admiration for being able to step right back into the track and give us such a grand race!

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Having a navigator is a big advantage for me.  If I were you and serious about getting a navigator, I would get on the Facebook Silver State Classic Challenge page and mention you are looking for a navigator.  Or you can talk one of your buddies or a girl friend into the job.  I will tell you right now that we would not have podiumed either time if Tess had not been navigating.  I don't have the head for on the fly math and even if I did, I don't need the distraction when I am focusing on the car and the road.  There are people who run solo, hand time, and keep track of where they are on the course by themselves.  I admire them greatly although I think dark magic must be involved.  LOL!

Gus, you are a crazy guy.

I was serious about getting on Facebook and joining the Silver State Classic Challenge group and mentioning you are looking for a navigator that

a) Can handle doing math in a moving car (prefer a person that has navigated  SSCC or NORC before)

b) Does not mind a smoker

c) Has their own race suit

It might be worth a shot.

Have a great day, my friend.

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