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First post on this forum so bear with me lol.  I competed for the first time last year in the 2017 SSCC Touring Division and would like to move up to the Grand Touring Division.  I have a 2016 Hellcat Challenger and have found a harness bar specifically built and well recommended for my car.  It’s a Speedlogix harness bar that basically has the same geometry as the harness bar built and factory recommended for the Dodge Demon with 4 point harness.  So my question is in regard to the 5 point harness and specifically the submarine belt.  I understand the proper use and installation of a submarine belt requires a slot in the race seat to keep the driver from sliding downward.  After reading the 5 point installation instructions in the 2018 rule book I can’t find anything that specifically states a slotted race seat is required for the submarine belt installation?  I like my stock seats and would like to keep them until I find a suitable slotted race seat that works for my car.  So my question for those in the know is can I simply mount my submarine belt on the front seat frame without the propper slot?  Simply put the belt would be routed forward and over the bottom seat instead of through it.  I know it’s not ideal and but will this mount pass inspection?




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William, yes I will share for all of us as soon as I get a response from Steve Mott.

Owen,  thank you for your quick response. Ive studied the rule book several times and like you believe there would be no problem with a 5 point harness and stock seats.  Just want to get the official word from inspection before permanently changing anything.

Dave thank you for your insight.  Ive heard about that with Corvettes and saw a Hellcat with harness bar and stock seats last year.  Just trying to double check with tech before spending the money.  Wanted make sure it wasnt just a Corvette thing lol.  Thank you!

The first time I ran with a 5 point harness, I bolted a tube across the front of the seat frame and run the submarine belt up and around the seat front.  It was (at tech inspection) suggested that next time I move the tube to the back of the seat frame and run the submarine belt between the seat bottom and the seat back.  Works fine, can be uncomfortable if not adjusted properly, but does the trick.


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  My question to you is - why defeat the purpose of the belt? If mounted in front of the seat the "Anti sub" is defeated. You crash at 140 and you may end up wadded up partially on the floor.

I've seen it at much slower speeds. 

  There are quality belts out there that can be used with a stock seat and have the anti sub feature. Gary has posted a good functional suggestion also.





After discussion on this thread and private messages I will be running the sub belt mount behind the seat.  The belt will come up between the lower seat and backrest.  So it will not be the most comfortable but if God forbid I was in an accient I would not “submarine.”  I did not even think of this option until suggested on this forum.  Im hoping by next year I find a proper seat with with a submarine slot.  

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