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Hi, wondering about 2021 events... are they pre-cancelled? Tentatively on?

Quotation marks used because we may be entering a COVID peak as I write, and the future is clearly unknowable. Also since the last flurry of messaging (spring 2020) we know more about how to deal with exposure... being Medicare years old I'm keen to select my risks that have potential upside... and getting ill, or making someone else ill, is not one of those.

I hope everyone is as well as can be in this strange time.

I feel like we're in a Dark Ages "illuminating manuscripts" phase. I'm prepping my car optimistically.


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Well... seems like crickets are populating this space so let me chase a few out.

If nothing else, I'm planning on the September event, unless it's cancelled.  I won't have my own car, but will be playing pit crew for Team Pantera Racing as usual.  My project car, a 1971 Mach I Mustang is still on the rotisserie, waiting for me to put some finishing touches on the new shop she's in.  Once i can dedicate some more time to her, she'll be getting some new sheet metal, a new roll cage, new interior, upgrade suspension and brakes, refreshed transmission, refreshed differential, and.... oh yea.... a new killer 351C rebuild to some new set of specs I've not completely defined yet. <insert maniacal laugh here>

Someone really needs to update these boring emoticons. <nudge-nudge, wink-wink>

As for the team, Panteras and all that.  I hear we've got a few surprises in order from this Some Fear team.  New engines, updated other hardware, stealth paint, heat-seeking missiles, all the normal stuff we bring to the party. <insert -evil- laugh here>

I'm thinking it might be a good time to start making reservations in Ely.

Bring it on!

Asa  Jay

I don't know about anyone else, but I am looking at the May 2021 race with optimism and making my initial plans for attending.  I have a car I bought over a year ago just for racing at SSCC and NORC and the poor thing has yet to stretch its legs except for last September when we we all went down to Ely to take Bunny out to dinner.  It needs to do what it was bought to do,, namely run fast down a deserted Nevada hi-way and burn gasoline at a high rate of consumption!

So unless I hear otherwise from Bunny and/or the rest of the fantastic staff that puts on this event, I am in prep mode for May 2021.

P.S. F*#k the year that shall not be named.  This is 2021, a great year for racing.

Richard Starr

Trash Panda Racing #499

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