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Good question, Mac!

Well, after last season, I'm an Old Fart myself, but I do happen to know the official 2019 SSCC race dates:

NORC - May 16-19

SSCC - Sept 12-15

Not sure why the 2019 dates still aren't listed on the site, nor the countdown timer updated. If I had admin access, I'd update it, but ... \_O_/. I'll look into it.

See all y'all on the grid in 2019!



Hi William,

New distances will be posted within the next couple weeks or sooner.

Hey Mr Kelly,

Not sure what you're saying about extra helmets?  SA2010's are still ok for use.  Did you buy some SA2015's and are trying to help someone out with your current SA2010s?

2019 events will require a SNELL Foundation SA 2010 (or later) helmet in good condition, with the participants’ name as the minimum standard.


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