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We are proud to announce many exciting new changes to the 2018 Nevada Open Road Challenge (NORC). Most notable, the 2018 NORC will be a 120-mile (technically 119.78-mile) two-way event. Additional details on the new two-way course format will be posted on an all-new version of the www.SSCC.US website, coming soon.

Due to time constraints surrounding the new format and extended course distance, space on the 2018 NORC starting grid will be limited to the first 135 vehicles that register* for the event.

We would like to call your attention to specific changes to the 2018 NORC Registration process that differ from past NORC and SSCC events. Please take notice of the following changes to help ensure you don’t miss out on being in the field for this exciting new two-way event format.

To register* for the 2018 NORC, we strongly recommend adhering to the following process:

  • Until the 2018 NORC event entry forms are posted online and registration officially opens (date TBA soon), you should add your name to the intent to register list for the 2018 NORC event by emailing your request to Bunny Hill at Names on the intent to register list will be added in the order in which they are received.


  • Regardless of previous NORC or SSCC event participation or current membership status, only those who submit their intent to register request for the 2018 NORC will be added to the intent list.


  • Once the 2018 NORC registration forms go live online, the intent to register list will be closed. At that time, those names on the intent to register list will be notified via email, in order of placement on the list, and assigned a priority window of time in which to officially register* and pay in full to secure a spot on the grid.


  • If you are on the intent to register list, but fail to officially register* and pay in full within your assigned notification to register window, you will be bumped to the bottom of the line behind all newly received entries once official registration has opened.


  • SSCC Lifetime Members – Please note, your special consideration for this event will be having the right to be included within the first 135 names on the intent to register list, even after the intent list surpasses 135 names. However, you must email your request of intent to register before the 2018 NORC official registration opens, and the intent list closes, and you must still register within your assigned priority of time registration window. Due to space limitations, your usual 30-day out event registrations will not be honored for this limited grid space event.


  • Once the event grid is full, an official 2018 NORC entry list of names will be published on the official SSCC message board, and on our social media pages. Those who register*, but do not make the initial list of 135 entries, will be added to an official wait list. Those on the wait list will be notified of any grid openings that may occur, in the order in which their registration was received.


NOTE – Words noted as *Register and *Registered refer to an entry that is officially registered for the event. This means all entry forms have been filled out in their entirety, the entry has been submitted and received by the SSCC organization via online or mail-in submission, and all event fees are paid in full. Intent to register is just that, and alone will not be considered an official event registration. However, being on the intent to register list gives you a chance to register for a spot on the grid before those who solely wait for official registration to open to apply.

Space on the 2018 NORC intent to register list is filling up fast, as many veteran Open Road Racers from NORC, SSCC, BBORR, and SORC are expressing interest in participating in the new two-way format on Nevada 318. Therefore, we highly recommend adding your name to the intent list ASAP, and making sure you register within your notification window, if you want the best chance to make the grid for this exciting new two-way, 120-mile NORC event in May.

For additional information on the 2018 NORC two-way event, and to request your spot on the intent to register list before official registration opens online, please email and express your intent as soon as possible. Official registration will be opening soon.

We look forward to seeing you at our newly revised 2018 NORC two-way event in May!


Your SSCC Board of Directors


For NORC and SSCC Event Registration inquiries, please contact:

Bunny Hill

SSCC Registration


For Media and Sponsor inquiries, please contact:

Berry Lowman

SSCC Media Communications

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