2018 NORC Intent to Register List is Filling Up FAST

Heads up fellow NORC & SSCC veterans, especially all of you team captains. The Intent to Register List for the 2018 NORC is filling up FAST!

We have seen a tremendous surge in requests from racers over the past two weeks. The intent list has doubled in the past week alone. As of today, we're closing in on the century mark FAST.

Remember, due to time constraints surrounding the longer distance, and our new two-way format, the 2018 NORC will be limited to 135 spots on the grid.

Thus far, there are many names on the intent list that are either new, or from other ORR events, not just veteran NORC/SSCC participants.

Team captains should note there are quite a few of your teammates who usually run with us that Bunny has not heard from yet. This even includes some of your "ringers".

I'm personally sharing this info with you now, while there is still time to react. I'd hate to see any of our regulars miss out on the new two-way format NORC!

If you are reading this post and find yourself wondering what an "Intent to Register List" is, please read our recent announcement on the SSCC message board for details: http://silverstateclassicchall...ent-to-register-list

In short, if you intend to register to be on the grid for the new format NORC 120 (119.78) in May, you should email Bunny ASAP at SSCC.US@gmail.com.

Get on the list, and I hope to see all y'all in May!


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