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I'm sure more details will come out after the Banquet tonight but....

--- From the desk of Team Pantera Racing ---

I just got a phone call from Dennis (Mad Dog) Antenucci.

First in his class to leave the starting line, and First in his class to cross the Finish line. When nobody passes you... it's been a good day. Smiler Dennis reports he was followed by Steve Waldman, one new Corvette ZR1 and a squadron of Z06's but nobody could catch him. He was entered in the 150 class and figured he may have averaged just under that as the road is going through some improvements and most drivers were more cautious during this years NORC, more on that later.

I'm told there were two cars, a Grand National and a Mustang both with high dollar race prepared engines, which failed to complete the race due to blowing up those nice race engines somewhere along the course. (hopefully someone will post more detail on that later) No accidents to report and no other breakdowns at the moment.

Nice to know a nearly 40 year old Pantera can still make it down the road in one piece. Another shout out to Russ Fulps who once again provided a rock solid engine to get Mad Dog to the finish line. :burnout:

The Vikings put in a good show, I'm sure Dennis will tell you more about that later.

The NDOT is repaving portions of Highway 318 and it should all be complete by the September running of the Silver State Classic Challenge. For those who have been keeping track, most of the top professional drivers in the Unlimited division have said this race won't see a 200 MPH record again until they re-pave 318. Sometimes wishes do come true. This September may see a new record speed posted on the Silver State route. Wouldn't it be nice if you were there?

Dennis had a name to go with the other Pantera that showed up. Clay Pool (not sure if the spelling is correct). He owns a fairly stock Pantera (not much detail on this part) and it's for Sale. He was slated to run the 100 class but Dennis had left the finish line before any of the slower classes began showing up. No word on if Clay ran or not, finished or not.

More news as it becomes available.

Asa Jay
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Update from the desk of Team Pantera Racing
Dateline --- sometime after the NORC 2010 Banquet ---

Dennis "Mad Dog" Antenucci gave us a call to update some results after attending the banquet.

First, he gave us information on the other gentlemen who came out and ran the Pantera. Langdon Claypoole (Driver) and Donald Kavanagh (Navigator). For their first time ever in an Open Road Race, they placed third with an average time of 99.9601 in the 100 class. WAY TO GO!

In the 150 class, where the Dog was entered, a Viper took first with an average time of 149.9944, closely followed by a Corvette Z06 at 149.9906. Dennis knew he'd be slow today but he did average more than he thought earlier, with a 146.106 (time for all the slacker comments)

I'm told Charlie Friend did 169.9854 in his Corvair entered in the 170 class. No Unlimiteds entered or ran today. It may have been due to construction on the road. Due to it being incomplete, it caused some folks to slow down a bit. Still, it should be in great shape and completely done by September.

Besides the two Panteras and Charlie's Corvair, the only other Vintage car there was Bob Schilling's 1973 Barracuda. He ran a 166.47 (if my note here is correct), and Mad Dog wanted me to mention Bob is an honorary member of Team Pantera Racing.

Our Viking friends, Bjoern & Inger
finished with a 109.95 in the 110 class, not enough for a top three, but geez how close can you get? (We'll chalk it up to jet-lag from flying in from Europe -and- too much late night Viking raiding.) Congratulations to them on a good run.

As Grand Marshal, Dennis got to lead the Parade. He was also honored with an American Flag and Steve Waldman had some words to say about him as well. Unfortunately, this reporter wasn't present at the banquet so I can't really say what else happened.

Prayers for a safe and uneventful run of the 2010 NORC were answered, no accidents, no injuries and a good time had by all.

Asa Jay

PS. No news on any of the other suspected/reported breakdowns as yet.
Well, Melanie and I were one of the two 100 MPH class DNF's. The Miata who left before us blew a hole in their radiator (or otherwise lost coolant) and DNF'd about 50 miles into the race.

We managed a whopping 3/4 of a mile (although I was proud that the Z at ~6400 ft altitude managed to hit 100+ by that point) before the convertible top decided it really didn't want to be there anymore and ripped off.

Given the loud bang and light right as I did a 7000 RPM shift I figured discretion was the better part of valor and pulled off the course. Result a 3/4 mile run and DNF.

They did have pity on us and gave us the Hard Luck award, and Team Invaders won the Team Challenge so while it really stunk it wasn't as bad say as crossing the finish line on fire :-)

We will be back in September!
Yep congrats again to Lang Claypoole who was running the beautiful '73 Pantera who won 3rd in his Touring Division class. Way to go Lang! Next time take it off the trailer for the parade! Razzer

And its 'Bob' (not Bill) Schilling with the '73 Cuda who also averaged 166.0731 and got the 3rd place trophy the hard way...and Charlie Friend nailed his time (again) in the 65 Corvair and won 1st place but John Tiemann in the '69 GT40 was equally impressive winning 2nd place at 160.594 in the 160 Mph group.

And a congrats to my banquet family which included Rick DeKneef and his family who won 2nd place with his son Ridge in their super fast '94 Camaro. Big Grin

Sorry to hear Steve on the DNF on losing the top...I seem to recall a similar experience one time. Roll Eyes Also kudo's to Walt Stevens who broke in the Mazda Miata, Chris Kuczynski in the '77 Ford Cobra II and Dennis Matsen in the '86 Monte Carlo...I'm sure you have some great memories of sitting behind that fence. Razzer

The VIKINGS are party animals. It takes them weeks to get here and then get back home to Viking land in a Viking war ship and think about that....they do that twice a year every year. I hear they are coming back in September with a record breaking unlimited car....go Vikings.

Stan - don't be a hater bro'... Razzer We all missed you and I will miss you when I am drinking GOOD moonshine in the sandbox the kind you wish you knew how to make :alcoholic:

Hey Steve Waldman passed me because as usual he was going faster then anyone has ever measured....And I stopped to smoke a cigarette and have a can of beer. When Steve rolled up I dropped the cigarette in the beer and then took a drink and got sick and thats why I was so slow. I asked one of the course workers how fast Steve was going and they said, when Steve came by they all turned their backs, dropped the radar gun on the ground and then waited until the next car came up before they picked the radar gun back up and ppointed it down the course...Is that right? Thats my story and I am sticking to it. Big Grin

I will be missing all of you in September but I have a feeling there is going to be some new records broken then. I know I would win if only I could be there but I can't be so I can't win! LOL :champagne: :champagne: :champagne:
AJ - the top didn't leave the car - the fabric ripped and a piece about 6 inches by 24 inches is what departed with a bang. Lots of 'vacuum' is going on above the roof - think airplane wing - that is the kind of force on the fabric. It had weathered in the sun for ~3 years so while it was a bummer I guess it is not that unexpected.

Next race the top will be back down :-)

The bright side of this is I never really liked tan as a top color anyway - so it will be replaced with black :-)

And now back to working on the video camera mount...
The race started exactly on time; everyone was safe; Charlie was fastest; Simon and Hermina got yet another first place and have decided to move to London - maybe it's more exciting to drive fast there than in the desert; MD finished in fine style and was carrying a baby around at the banquet - maybe he'll still drive fast in the desert but just a different desert; Kelley Gibbs was actually funny; etc. Nothing but good things to say about the whole event (even the road construction provided new and different challenges).
Here are some additional good things about NORC 2010:

All the checkpoints were manned (and woman'ed) so the race could start on time - a big thank-you to all the course workers!

The results were available very quickly at the banquet - congratulations to the Timing & Scoring Team!

Registration was efficient and funny - quite a remarkable combination.

Tech was the usual friendly-but-firm group whose competence helps us keep ourselves safe.

I won the raffle! For those of you who are curious, the grand prize was a car cleaning kit and a gift certificate for R Place in Ash Springs. Of course, all that has gone back to the Ely chapter of the Cancer Society so they can use it in their next raffle in July. I mean, what would I do with a car cleaning kit? Black cars just seem to keep themselves clean.
Steve Donegan, good going to recover so quickly. You were in higher spirits at the banquet than I would have been if I had only run 3/4 mile.

And John Neff (140 class champ the previous two times in a row), we were lucky, and you have been most gracious in your congratulations - not only a class champ but a classy one at that.

Getting ready for September: the tow vehicle's front brakes are already re-done, and the leaking air suspension is fixed. I haven't even washed the NSX yet. Where are my priorities?
Dawg, you'd better di-di outta dere and get yourself to Saudi so's you can do some work in a safe teetotaling environment.

Steve D., congrats on getting the top repaired. If I remember that fortune in the fortune cookie it said something about having a memorable four-wheel experience, right? It should look good next to the plaque.

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