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This Pantera was reconstructed after a fire in 1999. It was totally constructed  with all new components and major improvements to cooling, Engine performance, suspension and  chassis reinforcement.

And includes,  An all-roller 381ci Cleveland engine (rebuild 2017 by Russ Fulps Race Engines in Anaheim California and added 302B high port heads with Comp cam and Borla Induction with custom fabricated 180 degree Headers  With An 8-stack IR-EFI system And a 10qt baffled oil pan. Engine was compression tested and a leak down test and oil lab tested in 2020 with no issues reported.

ZF Transaxle includes La Mans gearing (3.77 ring gear and .465 OD) or 180 Mph at 6200 RPM

6-piston Wilwood performance brakes with Aldan 2-2way adjustable shocks added 2015

Cooling includes a 4-pass radiator with a Fluidyne oil to water heat exchanger, etc…Runs 180 MPH at 200 F Oil & Water at WOT.

Safety includes a bolt-in 6-point chrome moly roll cage with swing out side doors. And a fire suppression system.

chassis reinforcement included reinforcement kit gusseting, etc. Added extended A-arms for camber/caster adjustments.

Wheels & Tires: new  2-piece 18/19”Race wheels with new Pirelli Trofeo Performance tires 245/40/18/Y fronts & 305/30/19Y rears

Summary:   Very streetable but equally happy at open track or open road events. In 25 years this pantera has completed every open road race in the US and also completed the LaBufadora Hill Climb and the Ensenada Road race both in Mexico. A total of 50 ORR’s in 25 years in Nevada, Texas, and Nebraska.


$90,000 for ALL the spares which includes a 393 ci Cleveland stroker, stocks seats, extra billet alum powder coated 17/18 wheels with like new Bridgestone tires and a 21’ hyd lift trailer. Too many other spares to list.

If interested please stop by this weekend or give me a call if you are interested.

Dennis aka Mad Dawg Antenucci 714-326-7700

Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"


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Please tell me this is April and a bad joke...You are not seriously parting with her?

My favorite car, she does look a little different than the last time I saw her and I know it's been a while, but wow such a beauty!!   I'll never forget going for a ride. Such an Amazing Car and as a certified car crazy girl, I'd buy her in a second. Maybe I need to sell a couple cars and free up some garage space?

I really wish I could have been at the race this weekend to see her for a last time. Go for a last ride.. I'm sure she will sell fast. I'm really bummed, but someone will get a great race car that gets lots of attention where ever she goes.

Thats for sure.

Oh Dennis, seriously I can only fit 6 in the garage. LOL

When it comes down to it, you might want to raise your price though,  I looked for a few favorites and I must say, with what is available now, I think you have a great car offered at a great price.  Now these are just my other favorites currently for sale, 2 are just for show but prices starting at 100K for the challenger, 145K for the Vette and although the Ferrari would probably run a few good it's only 510K.

I would have to live in it for that price. Ha ha.. seriously Ferrari  prices are why some of us drive Corvettes.

I did not see one Pantera for sale comparable to yours for less than 120K and they just went up from there.

No doubt she will sell fast. Good luck tomorrow, have a fantastic race and as always stay safe.

66 vette70 ChallengerFerrarri


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