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Looks like Santa dropped off one last, wonderful gift! Better than a Red Ryder BB gun! Have you read the new, hot off the presses, 2017 SSCC Rules yet? When you do, check out the latest class addition to the Grand Sport section.

155 is now listed as the top speed class without having to go the full build of Super Sport or Unlimited route. GAME ON, Y'ALL!

Thank you to Bunny, and everyone on the SSCC board who supported adding this awesome challenge! Thank you to all fellow competitors who petitioned, both privately, and publicly, for a GS 155 Class! Looks like we just got our wish!

In the spirit of making things even more interesting (beyond racing that mean ol' clock), I am personally offering to present a case of Mountain Dew and a Snickers bar at the banquet to whomever can win both the 155 Class AND the Checkpoint Challenge in the same race. Are you ready to Do the Dew?

See y'all on the NORC grid in May!


Berry Lowman

"I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew!"

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