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OK, I know we didn't do well this time and it's my fault. Cheryl drove really well and took the turns much faster than I anticipated. :burnout: We came out of the Narrows really early and her trusty navigator had her down in the 120's to scrub the time off. I didn't catch the slide in time and I think we came in about 1.2 sec or so late. :bash:

So the members of the wager please post your favorite beer to be paid at either the NORC or B100 next year. I am assuming almost everyone beat us so be kind. :bowdown:

Mad Dawg

If we happened to beat any one of you Cheryl & I like Corona!! :cheers:

Your's with Humility
Tim (the navigator)
1988 Porsche 928
209.9 mph Street Legal ORR car
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Mine is Henry Wineharts[sp]perfer the 6-15 bottling,but since I am on a drinking team [we don't consider ourselves alcholics because you have to drink by yourself for that!] keystone is fine by me and you can have one too!

Great job on the other wins!and since there were no mishaps on course we are all winners[I know sounds corny]Moonshine
Well Tim, after Stan pointed out to me that the bet was with all 6 other drivers, not just you and Cheryl, I figured I'd get creative...

Tim/Cheryl - Corona Light
BJ/Will - Guiness
Mad Dawg - Bud Light Lime (yeah, I know it's a candy ass beer Razzer )
Tom/Pat - Amstel Light
Stan - Keystone Light
JC - another Guiness cuz I likes me some some Guiness

As for Deana, y'all can just chip in and get her a 12/pack of Diet Coke :alcoholic:
The bet was Cheryl & I against all of you. It was not everybody against everybody. So those of you that beat us (almost everyone) will get two beers per car from us. If we beat anybody (unlikely) we would get two beers from each car we beat and no beers from any car that beat us.

By the way, get rid of the Light on the Corona!

I would never suggest that YOU would drink a light beer, let alone Bud Light, and thus create a medical emergency.

The list was simply an assortment of beers I considered collecting from said individuals based on Stan's interpretation of the bet. Since I came in first place, bet wise, with .263 time variance, I figured I'd just mix up my winnings.

Nonetheless, now that the rules and restrictions have been clarified by Mr. Dey, I'll pick you up some 2-buck-chuck just to avert any thoughts of you whippin' my candy-Wanker-rotary ass :bowdown:

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