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Okay Slackers,

Our sponsors (ROUND TABLE PIZZA) have given me the authorization to offer up this $10,000 sponsor money to any vintage team that can get 4 or more of the same marque and model vintage automobilies to Silver State today...Yea, Porsche, Corvette, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mustang, Camaro, etc...bring it!


Oh yea the rule is the cars have to be at least year 1973 or older....and they need to be same model and registered and ready to race this afternoon.


Yea my rules

Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"

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just one question Dawg what were you doing running so slow but I was asking the question as you came by my spot there at the 83 mile mark I am so used to seeing you run at 150 or so. I will check for a reply the next time i manage to get online right now playing parasitic operator on this computer from my guests home they were my company there on the hill sundaylater on 1I gate 148 83miles in


Hey Owen,


A 140 Mph Average wasn't fast enough for ya?


Okay seriously, the Pantera is 40 years old....its a handful in a open road race at 160 to 170 mph...always has been and always will be. The 448 year old mutt who drives it is in even worse shape....He can't hear, he can't see, and he has to piss allot.  Yea, I know go faster you say!  


I've been doing this a long time Owen and the only guys STILL running old STREET cars (no NOT purpose build 'kit' or 'replica' or 'race' cars) is my Bro's Bob Schilling in his kick ass  '73 Cuda or Blaine Spendlove in his 63 Galaxie or Ken Steffen in his 72 Charger who was sadly absent this year.  I say that with  great respect to my buddies Charlie Friend, Tohn Tiemann, John Ciancitto,  or Bob Wood and Bob used to even own and race a Pantera at Silver State but he wisely stopped at running faster then 145 Mph! ;-)


I have a little jezus bobble head on the dash. When I go too fast he lifts his arms and says, 'sloooow doown dawg'.  He's been doing that more every year.  Yea, I listen to the voices in my head too.






Private to you only....

Your right....but I was REALLY at 178 mph at the finish line so should I not of been DQ'd like Charlie, Bob and others were in the past?


I can explain it.  First I have a $5,892 radar jammer in the Pantera and two, I have radar avoiding paint that Steve Waldman also has on his car.  Its $1,487 dollars a  gallon (yea not cheap) and never worked well on the U2 because the stuff is heavy but we got some of it through a surplus store in Mississipi which is why Steve and I never get DQ'd.  Just look at the radar signature on the Pantera....its only 40" high....yea I'm just sayin' 


Charlie spent too many years flying F-100's in Nam and Bob drives something that looks like a Russian bomber....both have attitudes.....both drive old cars and both wear short-shorts.


We need a grudge match in May....Waldman and I vs charlie and Bob. Wanna bet who will win?


Mad Dawg Antenucci

Team Pantera Racing - "Some Fear"

Well, let's see.  Waldman doesn't have a prayer unless he brings Felipe (his own version of your bobble-head navigator who tells him to slooow doown!).  The Mad Russian Bomber showed a 227 mph max speed on his GPS last May (just ask John Tiemann if this is true!), so he's another one who needs a bobble headed navigator.  Then there's you, who's too fast for his own good (dude, you would have placed higher in the 140 class than in the 135 class!).  So my money's on Charlie.  He's still licensed to fly the F-100, but the government has de-licensed the aircraft (maybe some guy named Nader said it was unsafe at any speed), so he's left with the Corvair.  Now he's not the only one of you four who has the radar-proven ability to slow down, but he enjoys showing off his legs on stage so much that I think I'll bet on him. 

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