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Reply to "Registration"

Hiya Greg!!!

Glad to hear from you again!
You bet I'm gonna drag the old Grandsport down next year! After the run with Brooks... nothing short of Armeggedon is gonna stop me!

Already have the trailer and now trying to stuff the 'homebuilt' harness bar into place. Have the tranny out for a synchro problem but hopefully, ( knowing the dealership) this will be in place for next spring!

Can't see me making the run in May but will sure as hell be there for the Sept run. I still have to convince the 'powers that be' to allow me to run the 150 class after the Derek Daly course. It's a long way to come to compete in a lower class. If it's at all possible, I would like to compete in the 'Gold Rush' challenge and then proceed to the 'Classic', but time will tell.

I want to join the 'Looking Glass' Corvette Racing Team, however, I believe that one must be registered first. This is where I have my problem. Can't seem to get registered!
Perhaps this is resolved now.

This would mean TWO corvette Grandsports!
I don't understand the banter about the disqualifications due to unlike autos but I'm sure the more vocal will put this to the test!! ...and I back it!

Looking forward to seeing you guys again in September....I had a great time and was really pleased to meet such a great bunch of people!

Now... if only I can get registered........Bunny....are you listening?