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Racing Harnesses and their expiry date

Looking in the rule book page 23 for Grand Sport it says:


A five or six-point belt harness system, SFI or FIA approved is required.

Seat belts with an expiration date label shall expire on Dec. 31 of the year on the expiration label.

Those without a manufacture date shall expire on Dec. 31 of the 5th year after manufacture.

ALL belts must be in “as new condition”. Sternum belts are recommended for use with seats that do not support the shoulder straps. Refer to Page 31-32.

When reading the above it seems to me that a SFI harness with a SFI tag that states an expiry date 2 years from now (if purchased today) will expire December 31 2024.

And if I purchase a SFI harness today WITHOUT a manufacturing date tag, this harness is to expire 5 years from today?

I don’t clearly understand the rule book.

How can the tech crew know when the harness expire, if it doesn’t have a manufacturing date?

Do I need to show my purchase invoice?

Will a brand new SFI harnesses purchased today have either an expiry date tag or a manufacturing date tag? Or both?

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable on racing harnesses can enlighten me/us on this subject?


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