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Asa Jay Laughton posted:

Argh, the way my schedule is shaping up for June, I won't get to this until July, if I'm lucky.


Hahahaha... oh I kill me......

Here it is, one more day in June and I still haven't got back to this.

However.... I was riding in a cab recently and it had a big bright LED display for the fare on the dash.  When it got into the sunshine it completely washed out, and then I thought of you guys.  So I think I know why this one washed out and yours doesn't, check me on this.

The fare box with the LED display had a Red window over the entire front.  As long as it was shaded, the RED LEDs came through the RED front just fine, but when the sun came out, it washed out the entire front.

In your design you have no covering, so you can get the raw LED light without any filtering.  That's why it works so well.

I also really liked the idea of the speedometer cable encoder (which I still have).  I imagine that could still be used, but would take a software tweak regarding the number of revolutions per mile (or something like that)

I still want to try that Crystalfontz display I have, if for nothing else than it looks really sleek and cool.

... oh look, squirrel

Asa  Jay