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Reply to "Narrows Special Stage"

Tom, most years I've read the April Fool post and it's been pretty good.  This year I think simply missed the mark.  Too many things to compound emotions over the idea especially with what happened in 2014.  We all know the Narrows are the bugger of the course and every year the Rookies are nervous about having to keep up their average through there.  Yes, SSCC explains that the Narrows are essentially exempt from the min tech speed rule but it just goes to show how it can make folks nervous.

On the flip side of the (not as funny) post this year, I -did- think Deven's idea was pretty good.  I usually use the Nomograph from ORR Aid and calculate an average through the Narrows into my overall timing plan.  So I can see an effort to be made to hit the entry at my "Narrows average" and exit it in similar fashion.  Closest to their stated "Narrows average" wins for that speed bracket.


Last year I was in the 120 class (I probably don't need to remind the Corvette drivers of that), and selected an average of 100 for the Narrows.  In this situation I would declare 100 as my "Narrows Average" and be entered against anyone else using 100 as their "Narrows Average" no matter what speed they were shooting for overall.  Then break it down into various "Narrows Averages" like 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, etc. until you reach the practical limit (what is that anyway, 120 or so, 130?  What did Jim Peruto do through there?)

This would have the added benefit of putting Rookie's minds at ease.

And I think you owe Bunny a large box of Easter Chocolate for that too.

Asa  Jay

1st Place, 120 MPH - 2015 SSCC

<oh, did I mention I did that in a Pantera?>

hehehe.... honestly though... I'd like to see more new Stingrays show up... those are the best looking vette in decades.