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Narrows Special Stage

Just learned the SSCC Board has approved the addition of "Special Stage Timing" through the Narrows as an additional trophy-bearing competition within the Nevada Open Road Challenge.  There will be an electric eye at mile 70 (at the crest of the hill as you enter the off-camber right) to record your entry time, and another electric eye at mile 72.6 as you exit the Narrows.  Lowest time in each Division wins (i.e., Touring, Grand Touring, Grand Sport, and Super Sport).

The Advisory Council was split on this idea, but the Board passed it anyway, citing the need to increase excitement for the film crew.  Some racers said, "Woohoo, more trophies, more fun in the Narrows!"  Other racers said, "Geez, sounds like an accident waiting to happen."

The Board said that anyone who doesn't want to compete for the trophy doesn't have to, but if this experiment is successful, it will be added to the September event as well.

What do you guys think?  Sounds like Ray got his Corvette upgraded just in time to DQ in this stage.  Personally, I think anyone who would engage in this kind of Special Stage speed event like Chihuahua Express is nuts.

Tom King
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Car # 111

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