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Reply to "Help me understand the speed trap"


As a Rookie, I knew the objective of the measured speed trap was to get a speed cert at near tech speed.  What I didn't know was exactly where it was.  I'd also heard of talk about checkpoint 3 and checkpoint 6 and all kinds of other things.

So come race day I'm wondering where I'll find that measured speed trap.  I come across a huge number 3 sign on the right-hand side of the course, and I tell myself... "okay that must be checkpoint 3."


Yea..... next up I see a big number 2 sign and I'm asking myself "why would checkpoint 2 be after checkpoint 3?  Or is that an ambulance station?"

But there was nothing else there.


And the big number 1 sign comes into view while my pea-brain is still figuring it out.  I managed to top out at 118.9 for the radar, though I'd been traveling at about 120 most of the time.  First year...  I missed it too.

oh, and I was in the 105 class; finished fastest in class that year at 108 MPH.

Don't feel alone. 

Asa  Jay