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Reply to "A Deal is a Deal (Rookies Better Stock Up On Snickers & Mountain Dew)"

Berry Lowman posted:
Ray Alexander posted:

I thought you sold the rights to Snickers and Mountain Dew to Malcolm Johnson at the last awards ceremony?

I applaud tenacity.  See you in September.

I am taking my time to get to 150.

Well, Malcolm bought the rights to the race winning mojo of THAT particular Snickers bar and bottle of Mountain Dew. I sure hope he held onto them to consume on the 3rd Sunday of September on pre-grid in Lund!

Speaking of, it's not a bad time for Malcolm to step up and take a shot at 150 this time around, as the LeMans Blue Z06 that usually runs in that class will be lined up back in the 110 this time around!

I don't own the exclusive rights to selling Mountain Dew and Snickers at the race?  Well darn!!!    I was hoping to get my business started and see if I could outsell Kelly with his $100 gloves!!     Yes, I'll be sure to fuel up on race morning with the breakfast of champions!!!!

I'm not planning on moving up to 150 this time.   My personal challenge is to win the class a couple of times before I move up and I believe I have 1 first and 2 second place finishes in 145.    I do get chewed on regularly by some other drivers who are pissed I'm in their class.    I even told one of them to call me and I'd let him know what class I'm running so he'd register for another class.   But there are great racers in most classes so there are not many "cake walks" anymore.  

I do want to run 150 with the big boys down the road.   BUT, I don't like the fact that us old dinosaur stop watch guys have to compete with the computer jockeys  with no distinction in class.   I used to frequently beat the computer jockeys with my $39 investment grade stopwatch.    But many of them have evolved to the practically unbeatable level.     I know I could take the plunge too but I personally don't get as much satisfaction as using my own 62 year processor to do the math, make speed adjustments, and drive all at the same time!   Don't ask me to chew gum too though!    I've reached the limit of my ancient technology!!

i look forward to seeing everyone in 2 weeks!!  

Malcolm aka "Mac"