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Reply to "A Deal is a Deal (Rookies Better Stock Up On Snickers & Mountain Dew)"

Ken Rees posted:

I do want to run 150 with the big boys down the road.   BUT, I don't like the fact that us old dinosaur stop watch guys have to compete with the computer jockeys  with no distinction in class.   I used to frequently beat the computer jockeys with my $39 investment grade stopwatch.    But many of them have evolved to the practically unbeatable level.     I know I could take the plunge too but I personally don't get as much satisfaction as using my own 62 year processor to do the math, make speed adjustments, and drive all at the same time!

Well said Mac

Interesting topic. I'll play devils advocate. We do that in #Motorama LIVE land. You know, according to SSCC records, the three most accurate times in the 29 year history of the NORC/SSCC 150 Class are recorded as follows: 0.00, 0.0023, 0.0027.

I know for certain the third best time was done on a stopwatch alone, because I was holding said stopwatch. The infamous zero out time happened so long ago, I'd say it's a safe bet it was done on a stopwatch, as well.

Sure, some so called "computer jockeys" are have some close finishes, and it seems as if there are a few more of them popping up at every ORR event nowadays. I saw some this year at BBORR, NORC, SORC, and you can bet there will be some at SSCC. Heck, there was even a guy at BBORR who had a dual processor 10x per second GPS fed computer system that he claimed was capable of controlling the throttle body in his car. He showed a few or us how his system was set up, and even answered a few questions about it. I saw the same guy at SORC last month, so he gets around. Such things exist.

Today's ORR competitive landscape is what it is. Advances in automotive OEM technology have lead to all sorts of onboard GPS timing systems and other such wizardry. Like every other sanctioned form of racing in the world, if the sanctioning bodies don't like something, and deem it an unfair advantage, they'll eventually outlaw it. Until then, in ORR just like in F1, IndyCar, NASCAR, WRC, etc., more and more people will likely experiment with anything they can to gain some form of competitive advantage. You know, I'm sure Bill France wasn't always happy with the things Smokey Yunick showed up at the track with, either, but he didn't exactly run ol' Smokey out of NASCAR either, did he? I'm sure Jim Weeks could probably share some amazing stories about those two.

However, before we all start grabbing up pitchforks and demanding the burning of all witches for their alleged sorcery, I think it's worth noting that most computer jockey finishes and GPS gurus still aren't historically as close to perfect as those that run, and win, on stopwatches alone. Wouldn't you agree?

I think knowing where the finish line is matters more than anything.  So much so, it's why Team Lowman put a giant pole with a flag on it where we believe it is in May of 2016. Of course, we lost that race, so what do we know?!? Also, I believe hitting stopwatch buttons at the right time matters a LOT more than most people think, but I'll leave that thought process to those who can figure it out.

In the meantime, I had a Buddhist Monk bless my stopwatch this time around. I even tried to hire him as a navigator, but that whole silence vow kind of makes it tough to follow his instructions at speed ...