Reply by Bill Kelly

Race wheels installed last week, oil change and U/C inspection today. We hit I-15 Wednesday AM. The Kellys will be there.

Reply by Ken Rees

Pretty hot in Vegas this weekend--A few Team Vegas Vettes members were drag racing yesterday at The Strip. 110 degrees . It is supposed...
Ken Rees

Reply by Dave Hoppie

Aaron (Sad) and I will be in Ely on Friday ... We are running his much quieter Trans Am, in a much slower class, than we normally run my...
Dave Hoppie

Reply by Todd Purdy

Chris and I will be there as usual with the Impala. Bringing along our wives this time and going to the banquet in Vegas for the first...
Todd Purdy

Reply by Chris Gal

Very good! Yes I have my certificate and am looking forward to the whole event. Thanks again! I still enjoy watching all the SSCC and...
Chris Gal

Reply by Dave Bauer

Yes Chris you should have got a certificate after the class at Speed Vegas like Tom said. See you next week, Sam's Town Ram Head bar...
Dave Bauer

Reply by Tom King

Hey Chris, I think you're good to go. I don't know of any other requirement, but that's only my unofficial take on it. Just bring your...
Tom King

Reply by Chris Gal

Hi Dave, "rookie Class"? Are you referring to the class at SpeedVegas? If so, my brother and I took that class last May even though we...
Chris Gal

Reply by Chris Gal

I'm trying to get new tires installed this weekend, Then I'm heading south from Seabeck, Washington. This is my first run. I'm so...
Chris Gal

Reply by Owen Green

Oh Dawg the video I got was on the 3 mi straight after CK8 it should be there in TPR's site.
Owen Green