Discovery Channel "MegaSpeed" Filming NORC 5/14-17/15

Very excited to announce that Discovery Channel is set to film the Nevada Open Road Challenge, May 14-17, 2015 for the show called "MegaSpeed".


Once we know the dates that the show will be aired, we will make an announcement on the message board, Facebook and mass email.



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It did air in Canada last year. I had an e-mail from the producer stating it would be a few years before it could air in the US due to distribution rights. If and when I get any information about airing in the States, I’ll post it on the message board. Not sure if anyone else has had any contact with them.

Agree with Mikey....You need to grow up Bob before I can say with any confidence that you are mature enough to handle a weapon.

PS  My dad gave me my very own Red Ryder at 6 and and then I got a bad rap accused but never convicted of knocking out neighbors windows. I learned then that if you can't do the time (Your grounded Mr.) don't do the crime....moral of this story is wait a little while longer until after you stop going so fast.

OH... look who crawled out from under the porch (not Porsche)!

Mad Dawg!

This must mean some serious *h** it going down with his Pantera.  New engine, new bodywork, new go-fast mods?

'Spose he'll live up to the speed class he enters this year, or like the past few years, be the -fastest- in his class?

Love ya bro'

Asa  Jay

Nothing special for my ride Asa. We may make 5 Pantera's again. We have a couple veterans returning and a new Rookie from the center of the country should be coming and of course our sponsor "Katch Environmental" will be back again for the 3rd year.  And Mark's grocery getter Orange/black Pantera is cranking out 625 HP so he can keep up with the Corvettes Couple more owners on left coast working to get there  cars ready by summer. Right now no one is signed up for May.

One of us is going to sign up for that new 155 spot. Decision will be by a flip of the coin.

Mad Dawg AntenucciTeam Pantera Racing


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